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Winter Session Plan

I know I’m not wanting to think about this yet, but winter is definitely coming for those of us on Vancouver Island.  The air has been crisper than it normally is for November and the weatherman is reporting an unually snowy winter.  There are already ads on TV for Christmas goodies, and before you know it we’ll be in the throws of decorating and carols.  Here is a sample session plan to help get your residents all ready for winter!

Songs to Sing:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
  • Suzy Snowflake
  • Marshmellow World

Sensory Cues:

  • See pictures of snowy settings
  • Hear and feel the crackle and warmth from a fireplace
  • Taste a hot beverage such as hot chocolate or apple cider
  • Smell cinnamon spices and Christmas baking

Reminisce About:

  • Favorite seasons
  • Winter likes and dislikes
  • Wintertime activities
  • Preparing for winter

Zoom H2 Recorder

I was recently recommended the Zoom H2 recording device from someone at Long & McQuade music stores, as a good tool for doing recording projects with the seniors I work with who have dementia.  After finding out more information and hitting a few bumps in the road with funding, I was able to purchase one on behalf of one of the sites I work at.  This recorder has been wonderful to work with, and what I would call a music therapist’s dream for managing recording projects.  The Zoom H2 has been easy to use, and the sound quality of this little recorder is amazing!  I would highly recommend it for any music therapists who want to record with clients easily and inexpensively.  It retails in Canada for $189 and can be bought from Long & McQuade.  To learn more about the recorder, you can visit their website:


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